ARGWA Pro Autoresponder

The new autoresponder plugin from GWA is now the “ARGWA Pro Plugin” a professional autoresponder and list builder for wordpress. It comes with all the list mailer features you expect from a high-end auto responder software or service.COmes standard with options like multiple mailing lists, instant broadcast mailer, send newsletter file attachments, individual smtp relay settings for each list, custom subscription form editor, and much more.

Use the built-in forward pages and add your custom content, select and point to any page on your blog, or enter a complete web url to any external page you want user forwarded to after subscribing, confirming, and unsubscribing. Use different settings for each step, for each of multiple lists.

This autoresponse plugin is fully maintained and allows you to create, manage, and grow your subscriber list as easily and quickly as possible. Can be setup in minutes, most default settings in the autorepsonder can be left as they are, just clickto activate, drag your subscription form into the sidebar, subscribe yourself and watch it go.

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  1. admin says:

    See the Profit Theme Video Guide to the ARGWA Free Autoresponder with the Profit Theme opt-in autoresponder tutorial.

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